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My New Daily Mantra and The Difference Between You and Your Heroes

Published 5 months ago • 3 min read

Hi Reader,

Welcome back to your favorite way to start your Monday.

Settle in with a nice hot cup o' something and let's chat.

About what gentle topic you ask?

Hmmm, how about the inarguable fact that we are all dying...

What I'm learning about 🧠

The average person lives 27,886 days.

Yes, good morning to you too!

I know it's early but this doesn't feel like a topic we can ease into.

Finding out that I have approximately 17,301 days left to live slapped me in the face.

You can find your own number by taking your age and multiplying it by 365.

Then, take that number and subtract it from 27,886.

That's how many days you have left to live.

Note: 27,886 days is based on the 2023 average life expectancy in the US (76.4 years).

But if you're a subscriber of Renaissance you're not average.

You're incredibly smart, good-looking, and holistically healthy.

So you've got at least 30K+ days in the tank.

I share this jarring information for two reasons.

First, to remind you that you are speeding toward your deathly demise.

There is nothing more motivating than realizing that TODAY MATTERS.

Live the rest of this Monday as if it were your last.

Tell everyone you care about that you love them.

Slow down and savor the little moments.

Take 10 deep breaths and then ask yourself:

"What really matters in my life?"

Then go do that.

Second, I share this information to celebrate the fact that you are here.

If you are reading this you are alive and that's not always going to be true.

Death is the ultimate perspective-giver.

No problem - no matter how big it seems today - will matter during your eternal dirt nap.

You'll (shockingly) not care if your casket makes you look fat.

Or if your wrinkles make you look old.

It's hard to be vain when you no longer have a face.

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I am thanking you now ❤️

Quote of the week 📜

"Business can be transactional. Relationships can't."

- Jesse Itzler

What I'm thinking about 💭

Lights, Camera, Action!

I went to my first entrepreneurial conference last week.

It was quite the experience, being surrounded by thousands of other people who are pursuing their dreams.

What surprised me was how much I didn't like it.

I'll explain in a moment but first I'll share the good part.

I got to listen to serial entrepreneur and ultra-marathoner Jesse Itzler speak.

He is a legendary human who seems to balance business, family, and a burning desire to push himself beyond his limits.

His message was powerful

His stories...amazing.

His passion...contagious.

Yet the whole time I couldn't stop thinking the following thought:

I want to be on that stage telling my own stories.

The thought was timid at first because Jesse is such a superhero.

But when the next speaker got on stage and didn't impress me...

I realized something profound:

The only difference between the people on the stage and those in the audience was that the former took BOLD ACTION.

Jesse took (and continues to take) heroic action in his life.

He was not afraid to fail, look stupid, or screw it all up.

Or maybe he was, but he didn't let his fear stop him.

I didn't like being at this conference because it made me realize how much I am scared that I will fail.

And look stupid.

And screw it all up.

But I am so grateful I went.

Jesse taught me that failure is not final or fatal.

It is a necessary part of the journey and a key ingredient of living a story worth telling.

I'll leave you with this:

The only difference between you and your heroes is that they had the courage to take ACTION.

This is my new daily mantra.

Feel free to borrow it as you get out there and make some bold moves!


P.S. I am sure there are a thousand other factors contributing to Jesse's success but I truly think that all of us can achieve our own greatness through taking bold action.

P.S.S. If you want to join me in my 14-Day Boldness Bootcamp to help you take bold action, reply to this email!

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