One of My Biggest Fears Came True Last Week

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Hi Reader,

I hate to break it to you but dad jokes are going out of style.

It's getting harder and harder to get those pity laughs and cringe-induced chuckles.

But there's one thing that still works 60% of the time, every time.

Mustache puns.

Much to my mustonishment, they get the people going.

Having a perfectly groomed upper lip has many mustangible benefits.

So think twice before you bash the 'stache.

What I'm learning about 🧠

The quickest way to uncover your shadow self.

I want you to ask yourself two questions:

1.) What are two words that you would hate for someone to describe you as?

The first two that came to mind for me were lazy and incompetent.

2.) What are two words that would have no effect on you if you were called them?

I'd simply laugh if someone called me "mean-spirited" or "obese."

Here comes an extremely uncomfortable question:

Are the first two words true and the second two false?

Slow down and ask yourself why the first two words bother you so much.

It's usually because you are scared that they might be true some of the time.

The first two words represent aspects of your shadow self that you have completely disowned.

You've told yourself "I am not that" and refuse to admit the truth:

That you are a human being capable of expressing every human trait.

Don't believe me yet?

Think of one person who absolutely grinds your gears.

I'll bet my mustache that they embody the traits you are disowning.

I used to get so butthurt when my roommates would go surfing in the middle of the workday.

I'd mutter angrily to myself "It's Tuesday at 11 am, dammit!

Then I'd judge the shit out of them for being lazy and unproductive.

But once I started integrating my shadow, everything changed.

I realized I was only triggered because I was terrified of anyone ever calling me lazy.

(So much so, that I'd built my whole life around working really hard).

Now when I see them loading up to go surf, I don't get angry.

I get stoked.

And sometimes, if can swing it, I actually go with them.

What I'm thinking about 🤔

Becoming the type of person who can handle anything.

I'm reading a book called Feel The Fear...And Do It Anyway.

It's got the old-school personal development feel to it, which I love.

No fluff, no nonsense.

The author makes an assertion that really resonated with me:

Every fear can be boiled down to the thought: "I can't handle it."

We don't fear the thing itself, we fear not being able to handle it.

Once we know that we can handle it, we are no longer afraid.

So how can you use this knowledge to overcome your fear?

By facing it head-on.

By proving to yourself that you can handle it - even if it ends up being worst-case scenario.

Here's a short anecdote to illustrate the point.

Last week I had one of my biggest fears come true.

I got a call from the bank saying that my rent check had bounced.

I was $80 short and needed to transfer money immediately.

During my finance days, I kept $10K in my checking at all times so that this would never happen.

Yet here I was, face to face with something I hoped would never happen.

Can you guess what happened next?


I transferred the $80 bucks, the fee was waived, and I didn't spontaneously combust.

One of my greatest fears came true and I was absolutely fine.

In fact, I actually started laughing about the situation.

Literally 30 seconds before the bank called, I had booked a new client.

The timing of it all felt hilariously ironic.

Facing your biggest fears and realizing that you can handle them is the quickest way to unlock your true potential.

Cheers to getting out of your comfort zone and bicep-wrestling your dreaded worst-case scenarios.

Quote of the week 📜

"If you can't be lazy, you can't be free"

- Debbie Ford

What I'm reading 📖

The book mentioned above: Feel The Fear...And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

If you're interested in overcoming your fears it's a must-read and also we need to talk.

I am creating a program specifically designed to make facing your fears fun and exciting.

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